This document is dated May 1st 2014.

What follows is an absolutely verifiable account of the business history of Creation Books. For the purposes of this document, absolutely verifiable means that all the information provided is true and can be proven to be true through various sources, including but not limited to: certified corporate accounts, banking records, sales and distribution records, contractual documents, email records, and first-hand testimony. Such verification can and will be produced as evidence in a court of law.

The publication of this absolutely verifiable account means that any person, persons or agencies who henceforth publicly make allegations to the contrary will render themselves libel to prosecution for defamation, libel, and unspecified damages. “Ignorance” will not constitute a viable legal defence in any such prosecution.

The business history of Creation Books is one of average success, punctuated by two business restructures. Both these restructures are attributable to the same cause: an inability to pay outstanding printing bills due to a sudden, severe, unexpected and unavoidable drop in revenues.

Creation Books was founded in 1989, initially under the name Creation Press. Until 2005 Creation Books was an incorporated business with limited financial liability.

For the purposes of this document, limited financial liabilty means essentially that the officers of a company or corporation are not personally liable for monies owed by said company at time of corporate termination in compliance with applicable corporate and financial regulations.

No officer of Creation Books, past or present, bears any personal liability relating to unpaid author accounts or any other accounts unable to be paid at the time of corporate termination. Nor did any officer of Creation Books, past or present, benefit financially from any corporate termination. On the contrary, it can and will be demonstrated that corporate termination was financially disadvantageous in the extreme to officers of Creation Books, and that corporate termination was, therefore, a situation that they would have wished to avoid absolutely if at all possible.

As an incorporated business, Creation Books was at all times maintained in strict compliance with all applicable corporate and financial regulations, with certified accounting, and also terminated in strict compliance with all applicable corporate and financial regulations. There are absolutely no outstanding issues or irregularities relating to the corporate trading history of Creation Books.

In 2005, Creation Books was forced for financial reasons to delete from catalogue the majority of its previously-published backlist. Authors who did not receive sales reports after that date should therefore note that this was, in most cases, due to there being no sales to report. Other reasons for not receiving sales reports include authors failing to notify the publisher of changes to their physical or digital addresses.

To insure against subsequent business failure, Creation Books since 2005 refused to accept credit from printers, banks or any other entity, and therefore remained a completely debt-free enterprise.

In February, 2012 Creation Books announced it would no longer accept new book properties for publication, and elected to cease the publication of new book titles altogether once its backlog of book properties already in development was cleared.

With the exception of a few books by friends which were published by verbal agreement, all books published by Creation Books were done so under the terms and protection of dated, signed and legally binding contracts with the relevant author, editor, translator or other rights holder. Copies of all contracts are held on file. These are standard book publishing contracts, under the terms of which the relevant author, editor, translator or other rights holder in effect temporarily assigns intellectual property rights, and usually other rights including but not limited to foreign language translation rights, to the publisher for the duration of the contract.

It should be here noted that no part of any Creation Books publication may be reproduced, stored in a database or retrieval system, posted on any internet site, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher and/or copyright holders. Any such copyright infringement may result in civil and/or legal prosecution.

As of the date of this document Creation Books is showing a small percentage of uncleared royalties on its balance sheet. These royalties could not be paid for the following reasons: authors refused to accept the figures provided, resulting in their royalty account being placed on hold pending resolution; authors failed to provide valid bank details and/or address for payment, meaning that payment could not be made.

Creation Books was a small business. Small business issues such as contested payments or contractual disputes are civil matters, governed by civil jurisdiction.

Since February, 2012 Creation Books donated 20% of its revenues to a cumulative and disposable fund to support legal actions and prosecutions against online libel, defamation, copyright infringement, false attribution, and other violations.